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I am so annoyed I am chewing nails and spitting rust!  I just bought a new umbrella from London Fog.  I bought it because it has an umlimited warranty!!Yes it does!  Anyway, the first time I used it a tip came off (unbeknownst to me)  I have tried three different times, three different ways to resolve this.  I really don't want to send the whole thing in when all they have to do is send me a tip or two.  So I'm tired of wasting time on this.  Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a few umbrella tips?  I've looked in the suppliers sections and I've  checked the article in #145 - no sources are listed.  Please can anyone help???



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Umbrella Replacement Tips (post #36164, reply #1 of 1)

This is a tip for tips! 

Have you tried a second-hand store for an umbrella with the same type of tip that you could use in place of the tip that was lost?