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sportswear machine

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does anyone know what the best home sewing  sportwear machine is - coverlock yes- but which make. i have a jenome  coverpro  1000DX and it keeps skipping stitches and tightening up. I took it to a fixer and he said it is very tight and charged 80.00 and it still is tight!  any ideas which is a better machine for stitching sportswear seems?  that look professional.  thanks



thankfully - LG

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Janome Coverstich Pro 1000 dx (post #38728, reply #1 of 1)

Take your machine and the item you have been trying to stitch, along with the receipt for the previous repair back to the Janome shop and show them the problem still exists.  It could just be and error in threading and application, or a mechanical issue that needs the shop's attention.

Don't accept the machine until they can show you it is working as it should and is properly stitching your item - not some piece of crap fabric they test with.

There is also an online Janome site that may be helpful to you.  

Best wishes for results to your satisfaction!