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Singer Touch & Sew 758 tension pr...

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I just got this machine (dates from about '72 I'm told) and am having problems with the tension. It was fine until I filled a bobbin, then the bottom thread was WAY too loose producing only big loops. I fiddled with the controls and everything looked right. After I emptied the bobbin and refilled it the tension seemed OK. Has anyone else had this problem? Are there tricks I need to know? Or is this machine not worth keeping?

I got this machine while I'm waiting to get my Elna Supra fixed. (I really like my Elna. Unfortunately it went flying off my sewing table because I got up with my leg on the wrong side of the cord to the foot pedal. It will be very expensive to repair.)

My Mom picked up this singer at her church rummage sale for $15.(It had everything-manual and accessories!) I was hoping it would be fine until I get the other one fixed. It's a one owner machine and Mom knew the woman who donated it. The woman said the machine had been refurbished so it should be working.

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I have a Touch 'n Sew II model 778 and really like it. It sews a better seams than my Viking. DH lubricated it and said it has metal gears, looks well-built.
Hope this helps.
Elizabeth in N. Calif.