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sewing swimwear - machines

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sewing swimwear - machines (post #41077)

Hi Everyone,

Could you please give me some advise about sewing and serger machines for sewing swimwear? I would like buy good quality machines and quiter :) 


Thank you so much!

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Machines for sewing swimwear (post #41077, reply #1 of 2)

You can sew swimwear with any machine that makes a zigzag stitch. A serger that creates a three- or four-thread overlock stitch is helpful for stretchy seams, but isn't essential, and even if you serge the seams, you'll need a regular sewing machine or a coverstitch machine to complete the topstitching.

Carol Fresia,Threads Technical Editor

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Thank you! (post #41077, reply #2 of 2)

Carol, thanks for the useful tips! :)