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sergers and jet air threading

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I've been researching sergers and so far I have it down to Janome and Babylock, which are the two latest sewing machine brands I have and I love them both. So, the jet air threading - is that a "nice to have" or is threading really a bear? I'm sure it depends on the machine - I really don't need top of the line - and like to know how things work. I don't want it do to everything for me, but I don't want to be frustrated either. 

I'll take positive and negative comments on these brands or others, if you feel strongly about them.

edit: oops! I just saw the other post on sergers...I'll check there...

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Just keep sewing :)

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I bought the Babylock Imagine and the Babylock Cover Stitch machine.  Anything complicated is beyond me and this simplifies things and I don't think the cost was any worse than a more complicated serger.  I also don't see well.

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I recently replaced my Elna with the Babylock which has the jetair threader and auto tension. The trade in on the Elna was so bad I kept it and I'm glad I did because the auto tension didn't work with admittedly very heavy embroidery thread in the loopers which I was using on a fuzzy ultrasuede coat. That said for all my normal sewing I love my Babylock Imagine.

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I had a 930 D Janome Serger as my first serger when I started sewing.  It came with a sewing machine as a good deal.  I needed a better sewing machine and a serger, so I didn't pass it up. 

I just was not a fan of threading my serger, and I mostly use it for seam finishes after sewing on the machine and rolled imagine wave hems. 

Unfortunately, I am not a perfect fit, so I have to alter my patterns a lot.  I am short, full busted and carry my weight in my stomach.  I am trying very hard to lose weight, but I am on a lot of medication that does not help my situation.  Due to being hard to fit I have to sew up seams with a basting stitch and redo a lot of sewing.  I can't just dive into serging my seams up right off the bat.

I really like my Imagine Wave.  I just hated the fact I had to buy the workbook for $80.00.  You really need the workbook to use the machine.  I waited one year and decided to go back and get it. 

I only had a choice of one dealership in my area that is two hours away.  I have been less than happy with their education classes and support.  If you have more than one choice I would check all of them out.  Pick the one that seems most supportive of helping you with the machine. 

I have had my Imagine Wave three years and I haven't had any problems with it at all.  If I had a better dealer I think I could use it more to its full potential.

Good Luck,


Michelle in Joplin, MO

Michelle in Joplin, MO

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I originally purchased a Janome serger and my sister had a Babylock and swore by it for easy threading and adjustment.  I decided to buyone.  Wow, fantastic threading and basically no tension adjustment required, sewing from heavy or thick fabrics to lightweight.  It is a dreadmachine.  I also purchased the Babylock coverstitch as well.  Expensive in Canada, but well worth it.  Changing the threads could not be any easier.  I also purchased the manual for some $90.  The only problem is is that I still work fulltime and have not enough time to get to all my projects.

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I did the same thing-I bought the Imagine and the coverstitch for less money than the next one up and I can leave the coverstitch set up.  It's much simpler.  I don't want to fight 6 or 8 threads on one machine.

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I bought a Juki MO-654DE serger about 3 yrs ago -- it's very similar to the Janome's.  It's a 4-thread, manually-threading machine.  I'm a real DIY'er and don't find it difficult to thread it from scratch as long as I take my time and be careful.  Most often I "tie on" the new color thread to the original color to simplify the threading.  I do have to make several tension adjustments for each weight/type of fabric I'm using, just like you need to do on a regular sewing machine.  I keep my serger reference book handy to help with tension settings, just to remind myself of what needs to be done.

When I looked at the BabyLocks, I thought they were too expensive and too noisy.  Pricing at my local store was almost 3X what I paid for my Juki that I bought online.  I have used a BabyLock at sewing classes, and I was very glad that I had bought my Juki instead.  Obviously, this is a very personal decision based on your own abilities and the types of things you will be sewing. But how much more fabric/tools/patterns can you buy if you get the Janome instead????

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I don't mind threading my serger either, once I learned how, it was all downhill smooth sailing!