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Purchasing an old sewing machine

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I want to purchase a sewing machine, but from what I've seen online (I'm overseas right now) everything is made with plastic and nothing is as high quality as it was 30-60 years ago. If I was to buy an old machine second-hand, any recommendations for a specific brand/model?


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Choosing a new sewing machine (post #38893, reply #1 of 1)

There is nothing wrong with a "plastic" sewing machine.  Think space age and not Tupperwear.   Today's cars and appliances contain a lot of plastic.  If you want a vintage machine, look for Singer.  Be prepared to do some maintaince and replacement of parts no matter which brand you choose, Singer just has better resources.

I have three newer machines that are "plastic" and one vintage Singer known as the Rocketeer.

If all my sewing machines were to disapear, I would buy a new model Brother or Babylock, from a dealer, "plastic" and all.