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presser feet for Pfaff

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I own a Pfaff Hobbymatic 875 that I just
love. I am wondering if an attachment is
available for my machine that will take
a strip of bias cut fabric and install
it on the edge of a neckline for
example. I know that Clover makes a
little gadget that turns a flat piece of
bias cut fabric into bias tape with the
help of an iron, but I am wondering if
there is a presser foot that will do
this in addition to sewing it on the
garment too. Industrial machines have
such an attachment. How about mine
little home machine?

Also, any advise on locating and using
an elasticating foot for this machine as
well as the Pfaff Hobbymatic 4760?

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I bought a bias binding foot last summer from
either Nancy's Notions or Clotilde. I have an older (about 10 yrs
old-not computerized)
model Pfaff and it worked just fin