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Notepad w/figures for idea sketching

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I was wondering if anyone knows where I could purchase a notepad with predrawn figures that I could sketch clothing ideas on.

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I think mine came from Clotilde's catalog. Front and back view of a female figure.

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Fashion design schools sell templates for students to learn sketching on; basically what you are looking for. If there are no schools in your area, I'm sure I still have mine and I could scan them and e-mail them to you if you like.


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Hey, I found some for sale on the web! should take you right to the page on the site. It is at the bottom.

If not, then got to

Select "books" from the menu at the top, then scroll down to Costuming and follow link #4-"Costume Patterns Fantasy Fashions." It is at the bottom of the page.

The description says:
"Capture all your ideas for costume projects before you forget with these sketchpads. The human figure is printed lightly on each page making it easy for you to sketch in the sewing details. Each page shows two views, a front view and a 3/4 view from the back so you can see the side as well. All you have to do is sketch on the clothes. 2 sketchpad set includes male and female versions, 50 sheets each.
CHI-990X Costume Designer Sketchpads $5.00"

Sounds like a pretty good price, too.

No affiliation, just happened to be poking around and found it.

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Doesn't look like anyone has been to this message lately; but you can slid one page of the figure under tracing paper and sketch away. A pad of tracing paper can be bought at Wal Mart at a much cheaper price than the regular sketch pads.