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New dress form

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I'm interested in buying a dress form and would like it to be easily adjustable. Does anyone have a brand that they would recommend?

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I will be purchasing a dress form in the near future. Can anyone assist me with deciding which one to buy or which not to buy, and why. I would be most appreciative

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Both my mom and I purchased dressforms from a local fabric shop. I love mine. It is adjustable on front, back, and both sides. It has a pole to adjust height and a hem marker (it doesn't actually mark like chalk; it just measures). The neck, bust, waist, and hip are all adjustable. I fit dresses to mine, and my dresses fit like a glove. I use mine all the time; however, my mom never used hers. I have been carrying it around with me in my car to take to my next quilt guild meeting to sell it for her. It is a medium size. I have the booklet that came with it and all the parts. E-mail me if you want more information about it.

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I'm looking at some dress forms from Fabulous Fit
$199 for wooden base, $285 for adjustable rolling base. They look good but I'm looking for advice as well

They are a little more pricey than the "twin fit", adjustable models you find at your local JOANN store, but those adjustable ones seem so flimsy, and when I turn those dials at the store nothing seem to change. The fitting system that comes with the Fabulous Fit seems like a common sense approach.

I'm trying to buy a dress form for my Mom, who has always wanted one. I glad I found this forum. I hope to hear back with more advise.

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I made a dress form from paper tape shown in one of the THREADS issues, and it was a great help in fitting patterns, but I could never mount it to my satisfaction. I sometimes see old dress forms at the flea market, and if I can get my hands on one of those, I hope to make a padded cover as Suzanne Stern describes in the THREADS book Fitting Your Figure, utilizing my paper tape form as a guide.