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Necchi 537-L vs. Viking 6000

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My wife's Viking 6000 recently broke while she was trying to sew leather. A friend has a brand new Necchi 537-L, still in the box(we opened it last night). I believe he bought it in '93 for about $325. Is this model any good and if so, what should it be worth? Would it be better to fix the Viking or buy the Necchi? If neither course is acceptable, what machine shold we consider? Thanks for your help!

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the Necchi, if newish, probably won't even compare to toughness to your wife's 6000. Is the 6000 an old one with the slow gear? If so, that the the feature of those that make them in high demand by Viking lovers!!!! (I don't mean people from Norway either!) Anyway, on there is a viking may want to check that out. Also, you may want to go on eBay just to browse and see what people are selling and if you search by brand you will get less pages, also if you search the "completed items" you will see how much things sold for!

All I know about Necchi is that the older ones are great, same as Pfaff and Viking, whereas the newer Necchis are alright for basic stuff but not heavier sewing like it sounds like she does.