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Morse or Remington

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Does anyone have any information on the Morse or Remington sewing machines? I saw these two at the fabric store in the used section for about $70 ea. They seemed to be older models and in very good condition, but I couldn't look at them closer to get a model number. The Remington had a metal tab that said Deluxe Precision Built. Thanks for any help.

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I have a friend who has an old Morse and she says parts are no longer made. Check with the store about the service they can offer you.

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I have my Mom's old Morse Model 4300 (about 1970). It is a sturdy fine machine. I want to use it to start my granddaughters sewing before I let them use my new machine. I don't have the manual and would like to see one.

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I own a morse machine that my dad gave me 25 years ago. It is in perfect working order,all it needs is a little oil every now and then which all machines need!I have fixed many machines for friends over the years and thats all that was wrong with some of them, they needed oiling.