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Manual for a Sears & Roebuck Kenmore

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My wife has an old Kenmore sewing maching.  Not too sure about the manufactured date, but the model number is 49.  It has a metal stamp that says to order parts refer to model #120-491, serial #107165.  This machine is the type that fits into a sewing cabinet.

I am looking the operational manual to this machine.  She hasn't figured out how to thread the machine nor how to correctly thread the bobbin.  I also can't figure out how to insert the light (if there is one).

Anyone that can help me or tell me where I can get this information I would greatly appreciate it.

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This website lists a manual for the Kenmore 120-491. Hope this helps.


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The website suggested by jgrue worked very well for me to get a manual for an old machine. It offered a downloadable version for one price, and a mailed print version for slightly more, and each version was less than $15--well worth the price!

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There were 3 models of Kenmore with the 120 source #, which told you that it was made by New Process Gear corporation, a division of Chrysler back in the middle 1950s. Sadly, they were pretty much a disaster, and most of them were junked within ten years, so don't put any money into it. The problem was that they used plastic (nylon?) for bushings, to supposedly eliminate oiling. The plastic would swell and contract with humidity or friction from running, and cause all sorts of problems. The most common was that the plastic ring within the hook assy would drag so badly that the tension would change with the speed of the machine. Your 49 was the first of the series, and was followed by the 120.71 and the 120.76. They weren't heavy enough to make a good door stop.

Bill Holman