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Looking for '99 Sew News articles

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I Looking for 1999 Sew News

Hello! I am a free-lance journalist doing research for a new sewing machine buyer's guide. I'm including information on both computerized and on-computerized models. I know that Sew News does a monthly equipment feature around page 75 of each issue, but I'm having a terrible time finding the magazine. It's not on-line, and I've tried five libraries including the Fashion Institute of Technology. No one seems to archive it. I'm hoping that someone who has saved their back issues might be able to help me. I am looking for the 1999 equipment features in each issue as well as the October 1998 comparison chart. I will be happy to pay for these!

By the way, Sew News will publish a new comparison chart in July 2000.
Thanks very much!

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Sew News is on-line at:
I don't think they publish the technical column on-line. I have the following 1999 issues:

April/May/July/November/December plus the July Serger comparison feature. If you'd like me to copy and mail these to you, no problem. You could also try e-bay for any missing issues look under magazines/crafts listings. Good luck!