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Know About Some Important digitizing tools

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 Enhanced Column Tool

Enhanced Column Tool is a digitizing tool that is fundamentally the same as the Satin Tool. In Enhanced Column Tool, you put the angle lines by your nodes, whereas In Satin Tool, you pick the area where you need your angle lines. I initially figured out how to digitize utilizing this weaving tool. This has an indistinguishable range from a Satin Stitch .03 to .42 inch.


Manual Tool

Manual Tool is exceptionally novel by the way it works. This tool puts a point at any place you click. It can be valuable. However, you need to recall what your machine will do in the event that you put too extensive of a stitch. I prescribe stitch lengths in the vicinity of .02 and .15 of inch maximum.


Run Tool

Run Tool is altogether different than the Manual Tool in spite of the fact that they can be utilized for similar purposes. The approach is altogether different. Stitches are set by determined distance. The stitches are also even. You should simply draw your line and it will add the stitches in like manner.


Complex Fill Tool

Complex Fill Tool ought to be a device you must learn as soon as possible as you will utilize it in around 70% of your designs. It works in an extensive variety of sizes from .03 to interminable. Awesome for filling in vast areas with uniform stitches. Draw your shape and it will fill the shape in. Then you can choose your fill design, thickness and so on.


Steil Tool

Steil Tool is accessible in Tajima Illustrator Extreme and higher. This tool is utilized for tight criss cross stitches. This can be utilized with a few choices like adding borders or fillings. It is great for borders as the thickness remains constant.