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Keep or replace 1966 Singer?

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I have a question about my sewing machine.
I have been very happy with a Singer Touch and Sew 626.  The machine was built around 1966.  I have not had any problems with it until just recently.  The bobbin thread was all gnarled.  I took it in for service and was told I would need a new 'bobbin winder drive' .  The part would have to be ordered and it would cost $65.  Labor would cost $150.
I could buy a new machine for around $100 - but should I?  I'm not inclined - but am I being impractical?  I do household sewing - I want something practical and durable.  I really want to keep my old machine, but is that practical?
I would really like your opinion.
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Singer Touch 'N Sew (post #37864, reply #1 of 2)

Keep it.  You cannot find equal quality for the price of repairs. 

I had one from the same era and use it for many, many years.  Then, I foolishly gave it to the Goodwill because I thought I had too many sewing machines.  WRONG!  You can never have too many sewing machines.

I sorta recovered from my mistake when I found a 500A (nicknamed the Rocketeer) at an estate sale for $5.  I sews great.

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Good year for Singer (post #37864, reply #2 of 2)

Most of the best singer products are from the pre-1990's, IMO. 

Although the electric versions post 1990's promise a better value, the old models are far more durable though.

I recommend you keep it. I might be sentimental, try to weigh your options first. 



Edit: Didn't realize this was an older post..But the idea is pretty much the same. I'd always keep an older working model over new ones.