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Juki Industrial with 3 phase motor/control box conversion?

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hello all

I recently picked up a juki auto backstitch (8500-7) for dirt cheap.  reason it was so cheap?  its a 220v 3 phase only control unit/servo motor.  


unfortunately this auto backstich  came out of the factory WITHOUT the 100v-240v 1 or 3 phase option (according to the manual anyway.   my other auto backstitch, an 8700-7, has all of the options in its control box)


i'm having trouble finding any info on how to proceed to get this to work.  has anyone come across this issue before? what was the solution?  my #1 issue is the three phase  needed when my house is only one phase (power company wont bring 3 phase to a house here) i have access to a 220v outlet so thats not the issue. people have recommended VFDs, but sine its a servo motor, and it has a control box, im not sure how that would work with frequent starting and stopping


any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated