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Woodworker? Mechanic? Whatever profession you might be and your garage is your workspace, here are some tips you'll be needing this winter to keep the garage warm enough for work to be done. Normally working on a car in winter can be a chilling and uncomfortable experience. However, with a few tips, your work apron, and your tools, you can do seamless work in your garage this winter.

Tip 1: Eliminate the drafts in your garage with caulking and weather stripping to seal the cold air off your windows and doors. It wouldn't make sense having heat in, your garage only to have air slipping through window gaps. Also, endeavor to observe your garage door for the bottom seal because critters can nibble on the rubber and create holes.

Tip 2: Make sure you check the garage door specifically. If the garage door is getting old, you might want to change it this winter and try an insulated garage door. However, if you don't plan to change your garage door, you can purchase a garage door insulation kit and install it in your garage to make it warmer. You might want to wear your working apron for protection and safety while dealing with the kit.

Tip 3: The concrete floor in your garage might be an issue for you this winter. Getting a battery powered heated insoles can make your boots a heated paradise. Recharge time can take up to four via USB, but the batteries can be easily exchanged. You can also go with heated socks.

Tip 4: Having the right set of gloves for winter mechanics is important but can be tough too. There's always confusion between concerns of glove weight and insulation. Gloves with 3M Thinsulate Insulation would do the trick. Heated gloves might work but usually, they're too heavy and can give you a hard time while working.