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How I've made my twin DUMMY - Dress Form

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Hello everybody.
I tried a lot of different ways to make my twin Dummy. 
It was like a never ending story, because they all changed in shape.
I was sure that there is a way to make a better one, with all the today's technologies, but still affordable.
The movie "How It's Made: Dress Form" inspired me, they show how the WOLF dress forms are made.
From this project I understood that the most important thing, is to use the right materials.
It was a big project for me which you can read and see here
Hope it will help you, to create youre perfect dress form :)
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Wow, Thats it homade. Can I (post #36922, reply #1 of 1)

Wow, Thats it homade. Can I pick one? lol

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