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HELP opinions please: ELNA 3007 vs BA...

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hi, I'm choosing between these two machines because they have more stitches than I need and a few convenience features like needle threaders and speed control switches. I am, however, having a hard time choosing.

I could use the opinion of anyone who knows/has one of these. It seems most of you have higher-end computer machines or old standards. I don't need (have the $ for) a computer m/c since I don't embroider or quilt. I have a very old viking, but want something easier now with a other stitches.

Does anyone have an experience with these models or their predecessors which they could share?


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Hi Eli:
the only experience I have is on the Viking and Baby Lock sides. I love my Viking because it feels sturdy enough to handle heavier sewing loads, and it's a "fancy" expensive machine. I had a Baby Lock Espire and LOVED the features you mentioned as well as the auto thread cutters; very nice. BUT my BL never felt like it could handle denim, for instance, mending it or sewing from scratch. So, I sold it and bought a Viking again. (I had traded in my Viking 950 for this BL and after a year went back to Viking). I actually upgraded to a Viking #1, not plus.

I don't know about Elna but AM going to buy an Elna Serger 925...has some excellent features, but need to save up.

Have fun; make sure your dealer will let you try it out a lot with your OWN fabric...or if you're going used, ask lots of questions from these types of websites. Visit the website...some good deals. Have fun!