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A good embroidery machine to buy?

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I need some good advice on buying an embroidery machine for doing designs on jackets and shirts. Would really like to find a machine that would allow me great flexability in lettering. Most of my business would come from race teams. Thank you.

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Dear Tom!
My suggestion is a machine called JANOME MC9000.
In my work I use this machine and I find it out
standing. If you have any further questions
please don´t hesitate to contact me.
Regards Bippi!

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Dear Tom
I have a Janome 9000 and I wouldn't recommend it for the type of work you are talking about. The carrige is small and you have to continually shift to fit everything in. I find the lining uo difficult and frustrating. I am sure there is something better out there with a larger area for embroidery.
Good Luck

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I've been in the commercial embroidery industry for 13 years, and to do jacketbacks for racing teams you will need to consider a commercial machine. I suggest taking a look at the Tajima 1201 which will allow you to easily produce large complex designs for jacketbacks. It will also handle direct cap embroidery as well. This is one of the most versatile machines in the world today. Visit or contact me for more information.

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I too want to buy an embroidery machine. I make mostly costumes - ballroom dancing and theatre stuff. I want a basic lettering function but mostly options on design/size etc - Help...