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Faulty product ... Photo Fabric by the roll.

lucy brecht's picture

I wanted to give a heads up to anyone using the Lansing Blumenthal product "photo fabric" silk ... by the roll.

I have used this product, with great success, since it came on the market without any problems.  Created great garments from the silk fabric until last month when I successfully printed (using some accrued points to purchase the almost $60 worth of ink needed ) an entire roll ( $25) on my inkjet printer, peeled off the backing paper after it dried ( as I have done with many rolls of this fabric ) but something is VERY wrong with the adhesive on the current rolls and it leaves a slick feeling layer on the fabric and no amount of anything will wash it off.   I contacted the company almost a month ago now.  We will get right back to you - was promised.   I have had 3 further phone conversations with "Judy" at the company.  And the response still is "we will be back to you but we haven't heard from the company".

Meanwhile I am out the roll of fabric and the ink .... almost $100 worth ... and zero response from the company.

My advice would be cut a piece and test it before using this product.  SO frustrating.