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chain weights

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Could anyone advise me where to purchase the chain weights used on the bottom of coats and jackets. I have searched the internet with no luck.

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I feel your pain about not finding chain weights to sew onto garments such as Chanel styled jackets. I use the beaded chains that are meant for curtains instead. I place them inside of the bias binding that I use to trim my Chanel style jackets. If I have a jacket with vents on the side or center back I use square shaped weights covered in pelon (also for curtains) to make them hang nicely. The only problem is that you do set off metal detectors and you have to explain to some man what is inside your jacket and why it is there. So much for Homeland Security!

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Thanks Rekha. Appreciate your help. Its not quite what Im after. Im after a metalic gold chain similar to those used in Chanel style jackets, as "fabricmaven" suggested. I read once in Threads magazine that sells them, but I couldnt see them on their site. Also Im in Australia, so not sure if I can get them to ship. Anyone else got any ideas?

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You can get all sorts from any jewellery shop

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In a recent issue of either Vogue Patterns or Threads, an artical appeared about those very same chain weights and how they were to be inserted into jackets.  If i'm not mistaken the artical included an offer to sell them, by mail order, for 25 cents an inch. 

Sorry, I've lent a  stack of my most recent magazines to my sister, and don't have the proper issue at hand.  Gail

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Try looking at your local bead shop or on the net for bead shops. The chains come in several weights and types and are sold by the inch. One caution about using drapery weights in clothing. They are made of lead and should be well covered and kept out of reach of children. On the other hand they can easily be cut down with tinsnips to be made smaller.

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Chain weights available for purchase (post #26627, reply #7 of 7)

You can buy chain weights on line here

Go to "trimmings" then "chains" then "coat chains"

I have purchased from them for delivery to the USA a few times, and they are good to deal with.

Hope this helps.