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Brand Loyalty?

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Brand Loyalty?  (post #48046)

Hi all, 

Hoping some people who have bought (or shopped for) sewing machines lately can help me out.  

My mom has done (and continues to do) a lot of sewing and quilting.  I’m not nearly as good as her, but I can find my way around her old Singer sewing machine... not sure what model, it’s probably as old as I am.  Now that I’m moved out and have a place of my own, I’m looking to buy my own sewing machine.  On one hand, I’m inclined to get another Singer as a sentimental thing.  But the top sewing machine options on Amazon and blog posts like this one: all list a bunch of Brother machines as best sellers.  

Has anyone tried Brother sewing machines?  Or maybe Janome?  Is it worth buying and leaving brand loyalty behind or should I stick with Singer?  Thanks!


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i am for brand loyalty and (post #48046, reply #1 of 1)

i am for brand loyalty and think its great to stick with companies that you trust and know well, however i am always open for trying new stuff when it comes to threads, sewing etc so always on the lookout for free samples which i get from and it has certainly made me loyal to a brand on more than one occasion! unfortunately no free sewing machines as of yet but i would recommend brother sewing machines, i use one of them and its fantastic.