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Bobbin Problems

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I am new here and this topic has most likely been posted on here but I can't find it.

My machine is a Singer Scholastic 5523, very simple, very basic and it's fine for me because I don't know how to sew. I only use it to sew crafts. I've had the machine for a couple of years but have used it so little that it's practically brand new.

Yesterday while I was trying to sew some stretchy fabric it got caught down inside of the bobbin case. Not wanting to damage anything I cut most of the fabric off, removed the plate, removed the bobbin case and took out the fabric. I cleaned out all of the lint, put everything back in place and tried to sew again. The bobbin hook won't pick up the thread from the needle like it did before. Believe me when I say that I spent hours trying to troubleshoot this. I changed the thread, used a new bobbin, re-threaded the machine several times, changed the needle and it is in correctly. The bobbin is in correctly and I sit at the machine turning the hand wheel and watch the needle go up and down (with thread in it) and the bobbin just sits there like it's dead. It doesn't move and in fact, the needle gets nowhere near the bobbin thread. I am baffled by this. I have taken out the bobbin case several times, turned it, put it back and still, nothing. There is a little metal 'holder' that holds the bobbin case down (it has two screws) and I have even tried to place the bobbin case in the only two spots that it will fit and still nothing. The little metal holder sits snug near the tension screws. I'm pretty sure this is how it fits.

I don't understand why the bobbin seems far away from the needle. I'm sure I've stared at the machine far too long and it just seems like the bobbin is far from the needle.

If anyone can help me figure this mystery out I would greatly appreciate it.

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Bobbin Problems (post #38500, reply #2 of 3)

Pete and repeat where sitting on a fence.  Pete fell off and who was left?  

That is what happened to my reply!

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Bobbin Problems (post #38500, reply #3 of 3)

TIMING VIDEO (good looking is a bonus!) -   

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Bobbin Problems (post #38500, reply #1 of 3)

It sounds like the timing is out of sync.