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Bernina skipping stitiches

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Has anyone had a problem with a Bernina machine skipping stitches. The needle goes down into the bobbin area, but does not catch the bobbin thread.  It happens irregularly and with different threads.  I took it to be "repaired"  and they replaced the bobbin hook, told me not to use Coats and Clark thread, but it still happens.  Any suggestions other than going back to the repair store for the third time.

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skipping stitches (post #33061, reply #1 of 5)

What fabric are you sewing?  What needle are you using?  How old is the needle?  all these things make a difference sometimes.

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Hi Are you using the right (post #33061, reply #2 of 5)


Are you using the right combination needle to thread ?  If the needle is too fine the groove on the front cannot accommodate the thread and faulty stitching occurs.  You also need a new needle each time you you sew a project (approx 4-6 hours sewing.)

Regards       MarikaD

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Bernina skipping stitiches (post #33061, reply #3 of 5)

Change the needle, is it in correctly, its not the thread. 

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Presser foot in up position? (post #33061, reply #4 of 5)

When threading the upper thread, is the presser foot up all the way?  I had problems with my first Bernina purchase because the tension plates engage when the foot is down and I would thread with the foot up or down ...



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Bernina skipping stitches (post #33061, reply #5 of 5)

Sewsewing, have you washed the fabrics?  Did you use fabric softner?  Some factory finishes will cause uneven/skipped stitches.  So will fabric softeners, which leave a waxy finish on the cloth.  I have an older Bernina that really only sews well with only one or two types of thread.  Cotton wrapped poly core threads do not work at all with it!

I agree with the other posters, check your thread path, and use new needles appropriate to your fabric and thread weight.  :)  Cathy