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Bernina Aurora 450

Pati's picture

I am considering buying a Bernina Aurora 450 w/ stitch regulator. The only negative comment I have seen in my info research is that the harp area is small. I would appreciate any comments 450 users would like to share about this model.  Also, I sew in an unairconditioned loft that gets very hot in the summer.  I am concerned about the heat negatively affecting a computerized machine but the dealer says this isn't a problem. Anyone knows if this is true?

As background, I do mostly apparel sewing. I sew a lot of denim when I make purses and bags (which have thick multilayered seams). Right now I use a low end mechanical Husqvarna. I would really like a good affordable computerized machine that has needle up/needle down option, stitch regulator, and a fair amount of decorative stitches. Variable needle positions is a must but embroidery is unnecessary.

Thanks for your help.