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Baby lock B17

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I've looked at prices.. and features and all that stuff.. and the newmachine that seemed the most reasonable and usefull (as in I won't cry cause it doesn't have this feature I need in a month) is the Baby lock B17 (pro line) but... though it seems like a decent machine the warranty on it is very light 1 year electrical 2 years mechanics... does that mean that it'll die on me real quick ?

Do you know anything about that machine ?

What I like about it is the automatic button hole thingy (might not always be perfect, but being as clueless as I am.. I'll start there and upgrade one day when I'm good at it) and the decorative stitches that comes with it.. there's not millions of them.. but I like those it has..

I can go up to around 500$ for a machine.. any suggestions ? *sigh* I never thought this would be so complicated.. my main problem with the whole thing is that I wanna be able to do denim as well as silk.. so I need a though but precise machine.. and being a very beginer, one that isn't too complicated.. see what I mean ?


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Have you considered used machines?  Check out local dealers and repair shops.  Quite often the same folks who repair vacs also repair sewing machines.  You should be able to get more machine for your money.  If they don't have the manual do a internet search for the manual.  As long as the machine is in good repair (which they should have already taken care of) and you have a manual you should do just fine.  Then when you are more experienced you can move up to a new machine.  Just a thought.  I've been then route and know others who have also with no problems.

Best wishes.