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Aunt Mary's Tailor Marker

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Does anyone know where I might find a tailor marker. I had one that called Aunt Mary's Tailor Marker that was made in Japan  for the T. Eaton Co.

I really loved and have lost it (some family member has been messing around in my sewing gear!

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What's a tailor marker?

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This little gadget calls it a tailor marker. Tailor marking to me are thread marking, which I used to do with a double thread and needle to mark roll lines, darts etc. When I learned how to sew, I was taught to mark fashion fabric with thread rather than a wheel and carbon.

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I have a marker that is triangle-shaped with a little cartridge of

chalk which comes out in a very fine line. I got it at Hancocks.

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For darts and some pleats and pockets, I used to put tiny clips in the seam allowence (sp?) to mark where the dart started and for the point of the dart, I'd put a round headed straight pin through the point, one straight through from the top and another straight through from the bottom.  The one on top would make a little hole in the pattern so you could take the pattern off.  Then open the layers carefully and fasten the straight pins through one layer of fabric.  It take longer to write about it than to do it.  However, if you've folded your fabric right side out, you need to put a pin through from the wrong side since you'll be sewing on the wrong side.  Still not much harder to do.  I never had a prolem with the pins falling out.   Roll lines are another thing.        rjf


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Re Aunt Mary's Instant Tailor Marker (post #25702, reply #5 of 5)

I have one new in case with instructions, I live in Canada and I will be listing it on Ebay under classicstores101


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