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Adapting my dress form

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Ive acquired an adjustable dress form but it needs adapting to my size and I'm not sure if the duct tape method would work on it. I can dial up my bust 39" and hips 39" but my waist is 37" and it won't go up that far unless the bust and hips are also larger. Has anyone adapted a dress form before? Could I keep the bust and hips right and add padding and duct tape to make my waist size? 

Any help you can give would be great before I start making a pig's ear of the dress form!


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Personalized dress form (post #40735, reply #1 of 2)

Check this link--there's some great advice here on customizing your dress form. This method shows you how to mimic your body shape, and it's completely reversible, in case you change shape or size and want to revise the form.

Carol Fresia, Threads Technical Editor

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Try with pins (post #40735, reply #2 of 2)

I once had the same problem but used clasp pin instead of duct tape. You may try that. Should work, it did for me :)