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sewing with ultra suede

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Hello,  I want to make a simple jacket out of ultra suede.  I cannot remember exactly how to begin, such as seams, roominess, finishing, lining and I could use a lot of help with this project with fabric that is hard to find and with little information.  Would anyone be willing to help with a few suggestions.  I have been sewing for 50+ years, but not much of late.  thank you, francee

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There is an excellant book by Palmer/Pletsch called 'Sewing Ultrasuede Brand Fabrics' It's been out for some time so you may have a hard time finding it in a bookstore to purchase. Check with your local library, they may have it, or may be able to borrow it from another. This book has all the information you are after. Hope this helps.


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MarshaK,  Thank you so much for the info on ultrasuede.  I will try the llibrary on Monday,  Francee

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FIrst, you must make a muslin. Try to use a fabric that is as similar as possible in weight and body to Ultra Suede. Make all the fitting alterations until you are satisfied. Then use it for your pattern. Ultra Suede is totally unforgiving. You cannot ease it or coerce it with steam. Be careful of the nap and cut accordingly. (It's not a bad idea to order a little extra fabric just in case - you can always use it to make a purse). Also, always press from the inside using a velva board underneath so as not to flatten the nap. The cleanest seam finish is a clean cut edge overlapping and double topstitched. Stitch witchery cut in 1/4" strips is what I use for anchoring the seams ( and wider pieces hold the hems). I made many garments in Ultra Suede years ago when I worked in a dressmaking shop. When I went out on my own and started my own dressmaking business, I swore that I would never sew on Ultra Suede again! I agree with the advice to get the Palmer/Pletch book if possible, it helped me. I am willing to give you any help I can once you get going. Best of luck! - JG

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JG,  Thank you so much.  I will get to the library on Monday and see if they can get it.  I live  in a town of 2000 people and will probably have to order the book from the library.  Again thank you for responding so quickly,   Francee

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If you can't find the book at the library, check the Palmer/Pletsch web site and order it from them directly.

Mary Ann Duff


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Mary Ann,  Will do.  Thank you for your information and the site.  Francee