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Pfaff 4874 Coverlock Error 8?

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Help!  Can anybody with a 4874 tell me what Error 8 is and why I am seeing it?  I was using my new (ex-demo so not really new) machine for the first time and although it seemed to be sewing fine, when I scrolled through the functions it got to the 10-thread deco stitch and came up with "Error 8"  which doesn't go away when I restart the machine. 

My only guess from the manual is that this is something to do with the auto tensioner re thread 8 but I can't get hold of the dealer just now and I can't find any other info about the error messages or what I might be able to try.

If I can avoid taking it back to the dealer that would be good as it is a long drive away and I have a baby and a crazy toddler in tow!