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No zig zag on back of twin needle stitches

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I am using a twin needle for the first time. The top looks fine, but check this out: no matter what I set the tension to it shows a LOT of the top threads on the back, and there is no zig zag happening with the bobbin thread. See pic (green is bobbin). Any advice would be great!



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Twin Needle Stitching (post #36907, reply #1 of 3)

Did you have the presser foot up when threading?  If the foot was down, the top threads did not enter the tension control as this position of the foot closes the tension.  Also, try threading with one spool/thread source feeding from the spool in the opposite direction of the other; one clockwise and the other counter clockwise.

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Twin Needle (post #36907, reply #2 of 3)

For twin needle stitching a single layer, or any lightweight fabric (woven or stretch) - stabilise beforehand.

For most twin needle hems, and always on stretch fabrics, stablise the stitching line before sewing,


Your sample looks like there is an upper tension issue. 

Most likely one thread,( probably the red) is not seated correctly between the tension discs.  It looks like the red has no tension on it which would explain why any adjustments you tried made no difference.

  On some machines, the two two threads are separated either side of a disc in the tension assembly and on others, both threads use the same chanel through the tension unit.  Always advisable to check the manual, and as already mentioned, always, always make sure the presser foot is in the up position when threading the top route.

Lifting the presser foot also released the tension discs and lets the spread apart so the thread can be correctly seated between them.  Lowering the presser foot clamps the discs together.  The of pressue with which they clamp togeter is what creates the tension on the thread.  Different pressure = different tension.

A helpful videoclip re twin needle stitching


It would be good to know what resolves your issue.

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I had the same problem (post #36907, reply #3 of 3)

This guide helped me to resolve my issue.