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 Dear People: i have to tell everyone this story and io do not type well.i have a very old Kenmore sew machine, packed away,whih i always friend and i took it out,and tried to buy new feet and plate cause it was billed as a "stretch'-stitch machine." low and behold, when we tried to do the instructions fo get a stretch stitch; they not only did not work, they were NON EXISTANT.


THE STRETCH STRITCH MECHANISM, INSIDE THE MACHINE, OVER THE FOOT AREA,. WHICH WAS NEEDED TO DO A STRETCH STI TCH, WAS NOT THERE!!   IT HAD NEVER BEEN PUT IN!!  My friend was such an expert sewer, she knew exactly where the mechanism to sew that, was supposed to be, inside, and it had never EVER BEEN BUILT IN.. I had never bothered to use the stretch stitch before, so I had no idea that was the truth. 


 I HAD TRUSTED KENMORE COMPANY, TO AT LEAST MAKE THE D--- MACHINE RIGHT. SO I WAS UTTERLY DEPRESSED AND ANGRY. NOW i have to go out and buy a new machine, for a ton of money,and i'm 70 yrs,. old and not really rich. i just am paying enormous sums to put a roof on my tiny old shack-house. NOW I HAVE TO BUY A NEW SEW MACHINE to do the job that KENMORE MANAGED TO AVOID!!!


--PLEASE DO THIS---DO NOT TRUST KENMORE COMPANY, TO BUY ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU WILL GET!!I would like to know some real names of real good genuine sew machines that are well built, and would not do something like this to me.I'll have to get the money somewhere==i'd love to sell this machine as "a freak of manufacture in the USA BY KENMORE", OR rather, it was made in CHINA,. YES, CHINA, THAT GREAT manufacture country. even years ago, lots of years,tjhey were already making everything .


i just bought a new frigidaire refrigeratior,. and it's already falling apart; the lower bins are like cardboard, falling apart. we were cleaning a big piece of plastic, in it,. and it sudenly burst into pieces and hit us in the face. --just because we used warm water on it!!I have already decided not to buy any NEW APPLIC ANCES MADE IN CHINA OR ASIA.---NOTHING NEW. my air popper for popcorn is about 30 yrs. old,and the motor still works, although the overhead plastic is melting. but it still works!!NOW NOTHING I BUY new WORKS!!!I AM  HARDLY BUYING ANYTHING                NEW ANY MORE. NOT CLOTHING, NOTHING. I am trying to avoid most new items. so many of them are junk. but i guess that already happened many years ago, any how. ---as pere failure of Kenmore company to even make a darn sew machine!!!  i swear on the Old Testament, this story is true. thank you.