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truly wearable art

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truly wearable art (post #27231)

what constitutes truly wearable art to you. favorite sites/ artists/books/patterns, etc

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I was really inspired about 5 or 6 years ago by the Judy Murrah "Jacket Jazz" books and patterns that are available at most good quilting stores. I made about 5 jackets, sold two, and wear two of the others quite a bit. I also like pieced, manipulated fabric, couched threads, etc.. on vests.

I also really like the ParkBench and Sewing Workshop patterns, and did two of the ParkBench jackets in multiple fabrics, and receive lots of compliments on them. Plus, I feel good wearing them, and that's even more important. I really think that just about any pattern can be turned into art to wear even in a small way, by adding many of the current couture techniques, like fringed seams (Chanel). That's up on my list of to-dos! ccm