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After buying a new computer, I copied the archive files (contents of DVD 2010 plus update 2011)  from my old PC and pasted them on to my new computer. The one thing that was obviously not transferred, was my 'favorites'-list. Can anybody tell me how do do that?

Thanks for your help.


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Did you also lose your (post #36526, reply #1 of 1)

Did you also lose your contact list?  I was warned several computers ago to always make a data file on these two things and I am certainly glad I did.  If you can still access your old computer you still may be able to fetch them.  When I lost something in a transfer I found out it is quite costly for a computer shop to do this ( as it is to erase all files from an  old computer) so while it is a somewhat lengthy process to unconnected your new computer, start your old computer, download to a UBS or disc, then reverse th process it can be done.  

FYI your favourites and contacts are lost because they are part of computer program basic file system.  Forgive m as I don't know all the technical terms.