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Shortening a Fur coat

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I want to shorten an old racoon coat from the late 70's for my daughter for Xmas. The furrier want $300 to hem it - yikes! Can I do this myself by hand? How? (I have not yet ripped open the lining to see how it was done the first time). Thanks in advance!

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As I recall from a youth misspent in a furrier's shop:
The bottom hem of the lining needs to be cut away from the binding that is attached (hand basted) to the fur itself. Carefully remove the hem stitches to expost the binding. Carefully remove the binding itself from the fur. The fur will have to be cut- a sharp mat Knife will do. First mark the new fur edge with tailors wax directly on the skin side of the fur, and then cut through the skin only, being very careful. You can't reattach somthin mis-cut. Then bast the binding back. Shorten the lining to match the new length and resew to the binding. All of this work is done by hand. I relined my mother's ancient fur for myself during college-my furrier friend "restyled" it for me. Very chic back then and the warmest (and heavest) coat possible.

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I have spent the evening looking for the information you provided-thanks so much!! 

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I am curious as to whether or (post #27047, reply #3 of 4)

I am curious as to whether or not you ever  finished your project. I too have a long fur coat (mink body with fox sleeves) that I wore about three times. I am interested in shortening the coat into a jacket and then sending the bottom section off to be made into bears for my grand-daughters.    

Did you ever shorten the coat? If so was it difficult to do? Any direction or advise you can provide would be helpful. I too am a bit concerned about the cost of having a furrier do it if I can.






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I am curious as well. But the original post was 17 years ago!  I'm having a hard time finding current forums for sewing.