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Shopping in New York City

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Hi All,  I haven't posted in a long time - my life kept getting in the way.  Things are better now and I am looking for a list someone posted about places to shop in NYC.  I went today on sort of a scouting trip and didn't see the expected number of places with fabric.  Anyone happen to know a way to locate the list in this vast knowledge base?


Thanks, jane

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Janie;  It's been quite a few years since I've been there and I really don't know the names of the shops and their exact locations any longer.  I do remember a fabric shop in the garment district that advertised that they catered to the the theater crowd.  I also remember buying some delightful wool fabric there.  Also, in the upper sixties is the most delightful button shop situated in a small brownstone.  They were not inexpensive, but it is worth the trip just to view their fabulous collection.  Have a great time!  (About 1998-1999 Threads had an article on shops to visit in NYC).


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Thanks Kate,  I was there today and found a couple of places but
I had heard some of the shop are getting pushed out by the new higher prices for rental property.  I will add the button shop up in the sixties to my list.   The Fashion District used to be all 7th Avenue from 34th street up to 40th street.  Today we only found a couple of shops with fabric around 38-39th street.   We did stop in Bryant Park to see where all of the tents will be set up in Septemner for Fashion Week so the designers can show their spring 2012 fashions. 

I would love to see one of their shows....  jane