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Ott-lite (post #27013)

The desk top uses the same bulb as the Dana light in Office Depot. However, the price is considerably more for the Ott-Lite.

Are they worth the price?

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I don't really understand your message and I don't know what a Dana light is, but I have an Ott-light and find it indispensible for matching colors, sewing on black at night etc. The compact model is wonderful for taking on sewing trips. I love mine.

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I bought a Dana light a couple of years ago simply because I couldn't find anyone locally who carried the Ott. I went to Office Depot last week and replaced my 13 watt bulb with the Ott bulb. They are $8.99 and worth every penny. The light is much brighter for sewing. I highly recommend the Ott.