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old postings

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I have a list of past posting I am interested in. I was unable to print them at the time. I have a new printer but I am unsure how to request them. I need help these were very informative and I despertly would like to locate and and print them.
I have the numbers of the postings.

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You should be able to search (post #32156, reply #1 of 2)

You should be able to search for your archive post using the post number in the "Search for an Archived message" module. This module can be found by clicking on the Home link and looking on the right column. Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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Hi, Terry! I just twigged (post #32156, reply #2 of 2)

Hi, Terry!

I just twigged on another way to *possibly* find particular 'old postings'  ~

Each member's Profile page has another tab at the top of their avatar, called "Activity" - click on that, and a list of all the topics they've *ever* responded to comes up.

If you have notes on whose answer you were interested in, and what the thread was called (Pants Fitting Problem, for instance) you can enter their screen name in the Search, and perhaps find the thread title that way. Lots of great info is under an entirely different "topic" though, because it was part of a side trip.

Unfortunately, the Activity list doesn't say "responded on Dec 4, 2008", but has a cryptic "last updated X months and Y days ago" notation, which refers to the thread as a whole, not when the Member in question posted. I don't have a calendar-calculator (do they even exist??) to figure out *when* that really was!

I hope this helps ~