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Hallo everyone,

I havn't posted for a very long time, for no particular reason other than "time" !!

I'm not used to the new layout either.

I have become interested in making handbags, totes etc but whatever I put in on the "Home" page "Magazine index" nothing comes up.I'm in the UK therefore I might not be using the right term, but i have to say that several things that I've tried to search for recently that perhaps dont have a very definate title have not resulted in what I need. Has anyone else had bother? And how can i search the archives for issues that dealt with bags, totes, handbags, purses etc. Thanks in advance x

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I have been having a similar problem. I am trying to locate an article in an older Threads magazine on making ottomans. I wasn't able to locate the article using that term.

Can anyone help me locate that issue?

Thanks! mae

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Whoops...I bumbled. I rechecked (should have done this before I posted) and found the proper keyword location.

And I found the article!

Thanks, Mae