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I need the outfit in issue #133!!! Help!!!

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I am not a subscriber to Threads, but am thinking of asking for just that for Mother's Day. I signed up for newsletter emails and keep getting emails to subscribe to the magazine too. This email has a photo of a Table of Contents from one issue at the bottom, and I have fallen in love with the outfit on the left side. The blue loose-fitting suit with the cherry-blossom shirt and red obi belt.

I tracked down the issue # (133) and thought about buying the back issue, but is the pattern for this outfit even in the issue? I would hate to buy it to find out that there is no reference to making this outfit, only pictures of cute outfits. The article is entitled " Get Great Style At Any Age by Linda Lee". If anyone has this article, can you take a look to tell me if there are directions on How To Make this outfit? Is there a pattern included or the name of the pattern company and number for it that I could go out and buy?

I would appreciate it as our family has more important things to spend money on than my falling in love with cute outfits!




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issue #133 (post #32786, reply #1 of 5)

Holly; The jacket, top and pant pattern is from Sewing Workshop.  Hope you have so much fun making this!


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issue #133 thanks (post #32786, reply #2 of 5)


Thank you so much for that! I am sure that I will love it and can't help but have fun making something so darn cute!



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Update and request for more help (post #32786, reply #3 of 5)


I went to the Sewing Workshop website to get the patterns, but couldn't identify which one(s) they were. There are a lot of loose fitting pant/top sets. Could not find the most recognizable piece; the fitted top with belt/sash. I wrote to the email under "Contact Us" and explained that I was looking for the patterns featured in Threads #133. Well, It's been 2 weeks with no reply. Can anyone tell me if pattern names were listed in the article? They don't seem to be using a numbered system. I am just about ready to give up and am a bit miffed with this company. No reply at all is a bit rude.


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Update and request for more help (post #32786, reply #4 of 5)


On page 61 of mag 133 the blue jacket is called "Ikina", and the top and pants "Mimosa". Hope this is helpful.



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Thank you (post #32786, reply #5 of 5)

Thank you Marika. I will go from there.