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How do you shorten separating zippers?

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I have made a beautiful winter coat for my toddler. However, I think it's too long and instead of taking out the zipper and shortening it from the top, I'd like to be able to simply shorten it from the bottom and then just re-sew the hem. Problem is-- it's a separating zipper. Is there a tool I can use to take out the unwanted teeth and move the stops up to the correct length? I'm quite determined not to go through the extra work of ripping all that out. Any suggestions would be great! With thanks, Sheri

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Hi Sherri,

I replace and repair zippers, but I know of no way that you can shorten a seperating zipper from the bottom. I know of no place that you can purchase the box or the post that goes into the box that is on the bottom of the seperating zipper. You can shorten a closed zipper from either end, as you can buy the bottom and top stops and replace them.


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Do you know of an easy way to reinstall the carriage on an upholstery zipper with no post or box on either end?