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Help finding an article.

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I've been scouring the archives for a while, but no topic I've come across seems QUITE right for what I'm looking at.

I remember reading an article where bits and pieces of fabric were piled across one another and somehow stitched in place, making a new piece of fabric from the tiniest scraps.  I sort of filed it mentally as something to glance at later, and that time has come--I want to make my own fabric.

Do you think I can figure out what topic it would be listed under?  All the obvious ones don't seem to lead anywhere and the promising articles all seem to be from long before I was a subscriber.  To help, I've read Threads since 2002 or so, and have all my old magazines stored in a dozen different places.  Knowing the cover I'm looking for would help enormously.

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Help Finding an Article (post #33036, reply #1 of 1)


Did you mean "Needle felting without wool"  - Issue 144 page 27. It has cotton reels on the cover.