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fabric repair

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fabric repair (post #32511)

i have a small pea sized hole in a houndstooth dress and i seem to recall an article on how to repair it by interweaving a small patch of the same fabric .

can anyone help me or remind me which issue it was in?

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As you await a member to (post #32511, reply #1 of 2)

As you await a member to steer you to the Threads Magazine issue, perhaps one of the hits on the following Google URL will give you ideas.   I've done weave repairs on sofa cushions by getting threads from the inside seams, which fortunately were just cut.   At another time, on a pair of DH's trousers, I cut away a short piece of the finished seam edge.  After getting sufficient threads, I hand overcast the section I "opened."  

Because the threads were short, I positioned the hand needle in the repair site, then used a threader in the hand needle eye to place the repairing threads where I wanted them.   Yes, a bit tedious, but considering the all, i felt the doing was worth the time.


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Fabric repair (post #32511, reply #2 of 2)

Issue 144, page 62, "The lost art of reweaving."  Have fun!