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Detachable/removable collars/lapels

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Hello Folks:

I have basic color blazers that I would
like 'dress up' a bit so that I can look
like I'm wearing different outfits. On
my black blazer, I'm thinking of making
it permanently into a jacket that has a
detachable lapel and/or collar. I've
dressed up some of my other basic color
blazers with satin, velvet, even
sequinced fabric (by tracing the lapels
using clear painters' plastic
dropcloths) and permanently sewed them
on. Has anyone ever made detachable
kind though ? What's the best way to
fasten these (velcro? snaps?) Is this
something worth doing in the first

Any help is most appreciated.

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I'm not sure, but I think that Nancy Zieman used
to have a booklet dealing with fancy detachable
collars on jackets. You might check to see if it's still