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Back Issues for Sale

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Maudiea, I am very interested in your Threads back issues. At the risk of sounding goofy, is this $1 per issue and would you consider selling them individually? Thanks!Betsy 

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I'm also me, please.


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Hi Shannon,  Another person has asked for the magazines.  If she changes her mind I'll repost my offer.  Thanks for your interest.  Happy sewing to you!  Maudie

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Hi Betsy,  Another person has indicated interest so we are negtiating now.  If she does not want my magazines I'll repost another message.  Thank you for your interest and yes, $1.00 per issue and I'd rather just sell all at once.  Maudie

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Maudiea, sounds fine. I might just have most of the issues if I could just get them together! We are about to go out of town, so please go ahead with other negotiations. Thanks for the reply and good luck! Betsy

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Dear Maudiea, I am also interested in buying back issues of Threads if your other prospective sales fall through, KayeLouise.

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Thanks anyway for letting me know,  Kaye