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back issues available

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back issues available (post #27642)

I have issues #26 thru #112 available for no charge.  Only that you pick up or pay postage.   Located in Hendersonville, NC -   All are in good to excellent condition.


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Hi Emu,

Are you trying to give them all away to one person or are you willing to split them up?  There are several in that range that I don't have but most that I do have.  I'm trying to complete my set!

Just let me know.




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This was an old conversation from over a year ago but they may still be trying to replace their lost collection:



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I've been searching for issues 39, 44, 53, 54. If you are interested in splitting up your collection in bits, that is.

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I've been searching for #52, 56, 88, 90, 91 for literally years and would be willing to pay you $10 each for them and extra for shipping. Can you drop me a line offlist if you'd consider that? I'm near Seattle and can mail you $$ right away.


:) Mary

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I desperately need 40,45,47,48. I would also be interested in any others that someone else doesn't want.  I am more than willing to pay shipping, plus.

Thanks you so much. There are lots of us that found Threads late, and many of the earlier issues are impossible to get as they are out of print.  This is a lovely thing that you are doing...God Bless!


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Back Issues (post #27642, reply #6 of 6)

I'm interested in #26-50 - will pay for shipping. 

Let me know.