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applying lycra binding

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I'm looking for an attachment for my sewing machine to apply lycra binding to garments. Does anyone know if such a device exists?
Currently I am applying the binding to the right side of the garment, turning to the wrong side and "stitching in the ditch."
Does anyone have any ideas on the subject?

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Your method is perfect! I know there are "gadgets" to use, however I have always stitched in the ditch and received so many compliments on the even-ness of the work. By "pulling" from side to side as you stitch in the ditch, you really help make that seam completely disappear, after you "relax" the pulling and let the cloth slip back to where it wants to be.

Also, another thing to do, for enhancement, is use a decorative stitch with contrasting color. This is quite attractive. Good luck, you're on the way!

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What are you attaching the lycra binding to? Polar fleece?

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I'm applying the lycra to polar fleece and to supplex.

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name that gadget (post #27505, reply #5 of 5)

will you provide a link or a name for a search for this gadet?  id like to know if I already own it. 

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How to apply lycra to leather? Advice (post #27505, reply #4 of 5)


I want to apply lycra binding to leather garment. Can u please advise me the procedures to do so? Also let me know the proper lycra material to b e applied on leather.