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Do I get to keep my old screen name and profile information in the new system?

Yes. All profile and screen name data will be preserved.

Can I find all of my archived posts?

Yes. All data from the old system will be preserved. Your post history shows up under the "Activity" tab when you view your profile.

How do I search the forums?

The forum search lets you search the title and content of all posts. Enter your search term into the box provided and hit Search.

If you're looking for a post by a specific person, you can click on their profile to access all of their posts.

Soon after the initial launch, we'll upgrade the forum search so it runs using Google. This means you can search our forums using same tool you use to search the rest of our site (online articles, gallery entries, and blog posts).

How do I login?

You can login using the same e-mail address and password that you've been using all along. However, you do not need to login to read forum messages anymore. You are only required to login if you want to make a new post or leave a comment on an existing post.

How do I edit a post?

View the message you want to edit and click on the Edit tab. Edit the post as needed; then republish the message.

How do I delete a post or comment?

You can't. We have disabled deletion of posts and comments in our new forum system because we don't want to lose all of the associated comments. Instead, if you want to remove a post or comment, simply edit or clear out the message contents and title and republish.

How do I get e-mail notification of replies to my comment?

To get e-mail notifications of replies to your comments, make sure that the notification box is checked when you write your reply.

Can I reply to a post via email instead of making the post public (the way it worked in the old forum)?

The new forum doesn't offer a reply-by-e-mail feature, but you may e-mail someone directly through their profile. Or, if you make a post and want a particular person to reply, you can message them through their profile to notify them of your post.

Where is the Show discussions filtering from the old system?

This tool is not available in our new forums. But if enough people ask for it, we can request a similar tool for forum upgrades in the future.

How can I format the text of my post (e.g. bold, italics, underline features).

The forum currently uses a standard text-only editor. Click on the More about formatting options link for details on formatting in the new system. We have requested advanced formatting for future upgrades.

Is there spell check?

The new forum doesn't currently have a spell check tool. But we have requested that feature for forum upgrades in the future.

What happened to my friend list in the new forum?

If you had someone listed as a friend in the old system, you are now following them in the new system. Following someone is a lot like bookmarking their profile. If you want to call them a friend, send them a friend request and hopefully they'll accept!