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Sewing 4 inch wide lace on a veil

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I am making a veil for a bride, and she has purchased 4 inch wide, straight , beautiful alencon-like lace for the trim, from her homeland. She has decided on cathedral length. The bottom will be rounded off. No blusher. I have searched the internet...repeatedly, but cannot find anything on how to apply the lace to the tulle. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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There are LOTS of books on

There are LOTS of books on making bridal wear and veils, try amazon.

"I do veils- so can you" by Claudia Lynch

I use a matching or invisible thread , narrow zig zag,  follow design of lace where possible ,  and trim tulle  near to stitches after sewing.

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Just overlap the lace on top

Just overlap the lace on top of the edge of the tulle and I like to use the  three step zigzag if it is available.  Try not to stretch the tulle or lace.  And then trim away the tulle.